We realize that tax filing is an important part of your year-end planning.  The page is designed to help clarify how and when you will receive your W-2.

W2 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When will I receive my W-2?
A. The filing deadline for any W2 is January 31st of each year.  This is the “filing deadline”.  If you are planning on receiving your W2 via mail, it does not have to be mailed out until that date.

Q. Can I get my W2 early via electronic method?
A. Yes.  All employees who signed up for View My Paycheck will receive digital access to there W2.  In some cases W2 are available sooner than the January 31st deadline.

Q.  What is the link to View My Paycheck?
A.  The link to View My Paycheck is: https://paychecks.intuit.com

Q. What is Box 1 on the W2 verification on View My Paycheck?
A. The Box 1 is the YTD final pay amount from your last paystub.  Enter the entire numeral amount.  For example:  If your final paycheck amount was 5000.  You would enter $5000.00.

Q. I don’t have a computer, what do I do?
A. You can access a computer at any public library or wait for your physical W2 to come in the mail.

Q. I moved, didn’t sign up for View My Paycheck, and failed to update my forwarding address.  Now what?
A. Most likely the W2 will be sent back to the post office as a return to sender.  When this happens, the W2 is sent to Keva Juice.  This can delay receiving a W2 for up to 15-45 days, depending on the Post Office.

Q. If I don’t receive my W2 within 45 days, what should I do?
A. Due to privacy issues and tax fraud, we will need to verify your identity.  You will need to fill out the form below.


Delayed W2 Request Form