Our fruit and veggie smoothies use natural ingredients as opposed to powders and concentrates.

Real Fruit: We use real fruit without sugars, preservatives, or other additives.  Some of the fruit we use is individually quick frozen (IQF) to help maintain its nutritional value and to give the smoothie better consistency.  Frozen fruit is a signature trait that makes our smoothies thick, without having to pack them full of ice.

Fresh Banana: Most smoothie and juice businesses use frozen bananas to reduce costs.  Fresh bananas enhance the taste of our smoothies.  Frozen bananas have to be blanched so that they do not turn brown.  Finally, fresh bananas create a fresher product vs. traditional competitors.

Sherbet:  In some of our smoothies, we use sherbet as opposed to ice-cream.  Sherbet is made with skim-milk and enhanced with real fruit and/or fruit juice.  Thus, the fat content less than 1%, as opposed to over 20% for ice-cream.

Non-Fat-Yogurt: Non-fat yogurt (with active cultures) is low in calories and is a concentrated source of calcium, protein, vitamin D, and some B vitamins.

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