When you Crave, You Save!

No Membership Fee’s required.  The Keva Klub is one of the best loyalty and value rewards program in the industry.  Recieve five points for signing up, get a FREE smoothie on your birthday, and receive extra additional promotions for just being a member.   

Signing up is simple:
  1. Click the above Keva Klub Banner.
  2. Enter your phone number.  A secret code will be sent to your phone.
  3. For NEW MEMBERS, enter your first and last name, and then your email address.  You will receive 5 points for signup up (new members only).
  4. Each time you come into our store or order online, just enter your phone number and you’ll accrue your points.
  5. The FREE Birthday invite code is sent within 30 days of signing up.
  6. Details of our rewards programs are below.  Check back often to review your point status and program updates.

Keva Loyalty Rewards:

Accruing Punches:
Loyalty rewards couldn’t be simpler at Keva Juice.   Whether you pay by cash or credit card, just provide us your phone number and you’re done.  It’s that simple!   For every visit, you will accrue one point that can be used for FREE Keva goodies.  For our loyal customers, every 10 visits will get you a FREE Smoothie valued up to $7.00.

If you have a large purchase, the cashier has the ability to adjust your punches upon request.  For more information see our FAQ below.

Keva Juice frequently updates its points accrual system in order to offer more benefits for our customers, however, below are the typical redemption values:

Reward Value Reward Description
8 Points Free Small Smoothie ($4 Max Value)
10 Points Free Smoothie ($7 Max Value)
15 Points Free Smoothie ($8 Max Value)
20 Points Free Single Item Cold Press Juice
25 Points Free Keva Mug w/ Smoothie
100 Points $50 Keva Kash Card

Keva Klub:

Join The Keva Klub:
The Keva Klub is your way to receive amazing promotions (FREE STUFF), digital rewards updates, and seasonal updates.  Plus we’ll send you an invite to get a FREE smoothie on your birthday.

Keva Kash

Save 10% on every purchase:
Keva Kash customers save 10% on every purchase when you use your available Keva Kash balance to pay for your smoothie.  It’s that simple.  Just load, crave, and save!  Keva Kash customers also still accrue points so you can double up and save even more.  Combined with Keva Loyalty rewards and Keva Klub, Keva Kash customers can save up to 30% on our already amazing prices.


Frequently Asked Questions:

To redeem your reward, just give the cashier your phone number.  The credit is automatic and taken off at the time of sale.

How many punches do I have?
The easy way to see how many punches you accrued is to ask for a digital (text) receipt.  On the bottom, you can view how many punches you have accrued.  If you have an iPhone you can also enable your punch card through Apple Wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does the FREE Birthday smoothie work. 
A.  Between 15 and 30 days, after you sign up, you will a text or email asking you to enter your birthday.  This is done in order to eliminate fraud whereas some customers would enter a ficticious birthday on the day they sign up for Keva Klub.  

Q. Why does the punch require a $3 minimum purchase.
A. A $3 minimum purchase is required due to ensuring that the reward/punch is given for smoothie and/or higher ticket purchases.  Certain items such as wheatgrass ($2.50 purchase) do not allow sufficient profitability to allow us to successfully give a $6.50 credit towards a smoothie.

Q.  Why do I only get one punch per purchase?
A.  The loyalty program is designed to incentivize repeat visits.  Over 85% of customers purchase 1 item and the program is catered to regular repeat customers.  Bulk purchases, however, can be given additional punches upon request.  You just need to let the cashier know.

Q. I paid by cash on a visit and the cashier did not ask for my phone number.
A. Shame on them.  Our team is required to ask for your phone number every time.  On your next visit, just let us know the last time you came in and we can adjust your punches.

Q. Do gift card purchases accrue punches?
A. No, A gift card is not a sale until redeemed.