Effective May 1st, 2019 Keva Juice is making significant changes to our loyalty system.  For the past 15 years, we have grown to over 150,000 customers in Northern Nevada.  We are always looking for ways to make Keva Juice more interactive for our fans.  We think you’ll love our new system.  For frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ section below.

We love our fans! Keva Rewards is more than just a loyalty rewards system.  It’s an interactive customer loyalty program designed to help enrich your experience at Keva Juice.  

Our NEW enhanced system offers the following benefits:

  • Front facing tablet!  No more guessing how many rewards you have available.
  • Instant deals, allowing you to win points and free stuff with every visit.
  • Smart points that can be redeemed for whatever you decide.
  • “Happy Hours” for those special days and events.
  • Share via Facebook and earn points directly to your loyalty account.
  • Friend referral system.  Share the love and earn free smoothies.
  • Yelp and Google Interaction.  We’d love positive vibes… Share the love!
  • SMS and Email Enhancements.  Don’t miss out on juicy deals and events.
Keva Loyalty Rewards:

Accruing Punches:
Loyalty rewards couldn’t be simpler at Keva Juice.   Whether you pay by cash or credit card, just provide us your phone number and you’re done.  It’s that simple!   For every $1 spent you will accrue 15 points.   As you accrue points, you earn rewards based on your total accumulations of points which can be used for FREE Keva goodies.

Keva Juice frequently updates its points accrual system in order to offer more benefits for our customers, however, below are the typical redemption values:

Reward Value Reward Description
750 Points FREE $1 blend-in of your choice!
1500 Points Free 24oz Smoothie ($6 Max Value)
2550 Points Free 25oz Smoothie ($8 Max Value)
4500 Points $25 Keva Kash gift card!
7500 Points Keva Swag Bag ($50 Gift Card, T-Shirt, Mug, etc.)
10000 Points Coming Soon!
Keva Klub:

Join The Keva Klub:
The Keva Klub is your way to receive amazing promotions (FREE STUFF), digital rewards updates, and seasonal updates.  Plus we’ll send you an invite to get a FREEE smoothie on your birthday.

Join the Keva Klub
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Why did you change your loyalty system?
A.  In reviewing our loyalty program, we realized that over 50% of our customers never redeemed their rewards.  More so, the experience at the point of sale was not the best.  Often times customer would have several phone numbers and each number had to be looked up independently causing lines to build in our stores.  Signing up was ambiguous in that there was no transparency after the customer gave their phone number.   Our new system will allow our customers to create a profile, download an optional app, and manage their own points.

Q.  How do I redeem rewards?
A.  Just enter your phone number in the tablet at the time of purchase.  You’ll be able to see, manage, and redeem your points as needed.

Q. Why did you change from a PER VISIT point system to a DOLLAR-BASED points system?
A. Based on customer feedback and complaints, the PER VISIT system did not reward those customers who had large orders.  For example, A customer who spent $4 received the same amount of points as the customer spending $50.  Our new system levels the field and bases points on dollars spent which is fair for everyone.

Q. I paid by cash on a visit and the cashier did not enter my phone number, what do I do?
A. Our team is required to ask for your phone number every time.  On your next visit, just let us know the last time you came in and we can adjust your points.

Q. Do gift card purchases accrue punches?
A. No, A gift card is not a sale until redeemed.

Q. I have a Keva Kash card and didn’t get my 10% discount.  What’s up?
A.  Most likely this is due to us not Double Discounting.  As a general rule, we do not allow customers to double discount.