Fundraising Programs!

Your locally owned Keva Juice partners with schools and non-profit organizations to help raise much-needed funds!

Fundraising Kards

Your group sells a Keva Juice Fundraiser card loaded with over $35* in Keva Juice savings and gets to keep the profits from the sale. There is no upfront cost with this program – just let us know how many cards you want and only pay for what you end up selling!  Fundraising Cards Frequently Asked Questions.





Purchase smoothies from us for a discounted price, and then sell them at your event and keep the profits! We provide you with up to two of our top flavors and pack them in insulated cold boxes (smoothe carts also available) that will keep them ready to serve for over four hours. All you have to do is pick up the order from your nearby Keva Juice and be ready to sell away.




In-Store Fundraising

Pick a date. Invite your school, class, or non-profit to your designated Keva Juice location. We will donate 20% of the proceeds for each student/member that makes a purchase that day.




Fundraising flyer:

Printable Application:

Online Application: