While the government continues to push for small business owners to offer health benefits to employees, businesses struggle with the cost of implementing such programs. For Keva Juice, 90% of employees either don’t qualify because they are on their parent’s policies, or can’t afford even the most basic policy. There is simply not enough scale for insurers who are willing to work with these small busineses. For Gary and Jennifer Thomas, owners of Keva Juice, working in a smoothie shop is more than just a job. “It’s an opportunity to build lifelong skills and become a better version of yourself”, said Gary Thomas. “We know that for many of our employees, this is their first job”. Gary, who was a former Senior Manager of Apple brought many of the principles of people development to Keva Juice. The goal is to give them a fun, exciting, and engaging experience, while at the same time teaching them real-world skills. Gary and Jennifer take a competency-based approach to their team which includes: customer-focus, being action-orientated, building peer relationships through fearless feedback, building listening skills, and become approachable. “Our employees are like or family, they are the lifeblood of our business and the front lines for our customers”, said Gary.

Gary and Jennifer provide many team incentives (bonuses) for the team built around customer focus. For those that qualify, in 2019 Gary and Jennifer implemented the Brand Ambassador Program. “We realized that we have those employees that embody hard work, dedication, commitment, and are learning agile”, said Gary. “These team members who go above and beyond, they are mentors to their team, provide feedback when needed, and have built strong command skills”. “We’re a better organization because of them”. Because of school commitments, these employees are unable to commit to full-time work. Gary and Jennifer wanted to do something to reward them.

 The Keva Juice Brand Ambassadors program is for those team members who are committed to bringing Keva’s message of having the best tasting, best selection, and best nutritional variety of smoothies in Northern Nevada.  Brand Ambassadors are knowledgable of Keva Juice’s menu, position, and operation systems.  They actively support promoting the Keva Juice brand through our store’s, community events, personal network, and our events business.  

So far this year, Keva Juice has four Brand Ambassadors for the 2019 school year and is looking to promote and recruit those candidates for the 2020 school year. For those who are interested, they can apply by visiting: www.keva.com/jobs

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