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7 Reasons Why Keva Gains Whey Protein is Ideal for Your Health Goals AND Your Smoothies!

Are you eager to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle? If so, you probably have specific goals in mind. Whether that is to slim down and shed a few pounds, tone and build muscles, get health issues like type 2 diabetes under control or simply ensure that every workout generates maximum results, is an ideal ally.

Understanding Protein

Perhaps you have not yet heard about whey protein, or even tried it without enjoying good results, and are not sure it is a supplement for you. It helps to know that, as is the case with almost every product you can buy, there are high- and low-quality options in whey protein. The best options are those that are made with 100% whey protein and without any fillers or additives such as creatine.

A byproduct of cheese and yogurt making, it is a liquid that separates from solids (often called curds), and the very best whey proteins are made from pure liquid whey. It is, as one expert notes, “one of the most beneficial substances to the body” in its most natural state and contains loads of nutrients and key amino acids. Alone, these are vital to good health, but combined in a single food like whey protein, they are little powerhouses!

Yet its nutrient density alone is not the only reason you will want to use a premium whey protein as part of your daily diet.

Reasons to Rely on Whey Protein

  1. It makes it easy to get enough protein in the daily diet.

Did you know that people struggling to lose weight as well as people struggling to build muscle might easily overcome such issues by consuming adequate amounts of high-quality protein?

Not all proteins are the same, though, and so you may think that you are eating enough for your goals and yet fail to get a “complete” protein with all of the essential amino acids. The good news is that a direct benefit of whey protein is that it is a complete protein and is “very digestible, absorbed from the gut quickly compared to other types of protein”.

  1. It helps to lower blood pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a major factor in heart disease and deaths that result from it, and yet many studies have proven that some dairy products help reduce blood pressure. Whey protein, in particular, is high in bioactive peptides that help to keep blood pressure under control.

  1. It can help people of all ages to build muscle

It is not just bodybuilders who can benefit from whey protein, but people of all ages. This is particularly important later in life when muscle mass declines and converts to fat or leads to fat gain. Carrying even a bit too much body fat can cause several health risks and chronic diseases. Strength training and exercise alone may not be adequate to offset the issues, and it is often training along with high protein foods such as whey protein that help muscles grow.

  1. It keeps fat burning going during calorie reduced dieting

Reducing calories often means your body taps into stored muscle for energy and protein. This slows the amount of fat loss that can occur, and yet one study has demonstrated that those on lower calorie diets can burn body fat and preserve muscle by relying on whey protein and its high amounts of leucine.

  1. It helps digestion

Whether you have bouts of IBS or you are just eager to improve your digestive system’s overall health, the probiotic nature of whey protein is a great option.

  1. It creates a sense of satiety to help with weight loss

You may not know that higher protein diets are helpful in keeping you satiated between meals. In other words, you don’t feel so hungry and you are less likely to snack or overeat. Whey protein has been shown to be most effective at reducing hunger and cueing hormones that let your brain know you are full – meaning you feel full earlier and eat less!

  1. It boosts antioxidant defenses, fights cancer and may combat inflammation

The many studies done to look at the impact of whey protein’s different natural components have shown that it is an amazingly beneficial ingredient if you are eager to combat certain issues or reduce your risks. In addition to the defenses just mentioned above, it is also shown to help reduce cholesterol, improve bone health, and more!

Clearly, a serving or more of premium whey protein each day can take you closer and closer to your personal health goals. Ideal for active and athletic men and women alike, it is the perfect addition to the diet. Whether you choose to enjoy a make at home shake or enjoy it as a “blend in” in a delicious Keva Smoothie, you can enjoy 25g of pure protein in a single serving!

100% pure with no added creatine or fillers, it comes in three flavors – vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate – ensuring you can easily get all of the premium protein you need to achieve any health goal. To learn more about Whey Protein powders and become part of the Keva Juice lifestyle, visit their website and check out their menu of irresistible juice blends.


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