Tahoe Trailbars

Keva Juice is a proud supporter of Tahoe TrailBars.  Featured July 27th, 2017 on BOZMA on Business, Wes King has done an amazing job creating a local, healthy snack for the masses.  Crafted to fuel the grins and giggles of those wanting an extra pick-me-up.   If you ever need fuel for one more lap, fuel for another hour before work or just an extra lunch snack, consider these amazing treats.

Visit our stores today and pick up any of the following three flavors.

Peanut Butter Chocolate
The OG! This is the original recipe which started in a coffee shop. Chocolate chunks and peanut butter. No mush, no sawdust. Just wholesome ingredients that you can taste and pronounce, and bomb taste.

We like to think of our mango coconut bar as a cool summer breeze, a light snack with a fruit forward pallet. We added a bit more protein to satisfy the hunger pangs and kept true to our mission of great tasting food you can pronounce.

Chocolate lovers rejoice. All the decadence you can handle and 10 grams of protein to keep you growing and going. We don’t do anything half way at Tahoe Trail Bar and this bar is all the way chocolate!


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