Why Keva Juice Smoothies Make You Happy

Our mission is simple:  To “Dazzle” our customers by providing an “Uplifting Experience” that encourages them to return.  It’s no secret that Keva Juice has one of the most incredible selection of smoothies in the marketplace.  While our competitors have diversified against their core business adding coffee and pre-made sandwiches, we’ve chosen to keep our focus simple… Smoothies to the core!

Whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant, have a calcium deficiency, need an energy boost, or just want to reward yourself with a healthy treat; Keva Juice caters to the many different needs of our customers.  Below are five things to consider when buying a Keva Smoothie:

  1. Craving – Narrow down your selection to what you are craving.   Some of our categories include Berry Blends, Island Blends, All Fruit, Peanut Butter, or even Veggie smoothies.  We pride ourselves on taste, so experiment with some of our different flavors.
  2. Dietary Considerations – If you are lactose intolerant and crave a Peanut Butter Chocolate consider subbing Almond Milk and Almond Yogurt for an amazing dairy-free experience.  Any smoothie can be dairy free.  If you want a calcium boost, consider one of our smoothies from the “Favorites” menu.  If you’ve gotten behind on your veggies, consider one of the smoothies from our “Fruit & Veggies” Menu.
  3. Functional Boost – With every smoothie you get a free supplement called an Element.  Going further, you can also add other blend-ins such as whey protein, chia seeds for a fiber boost, acai for an antioxidant kick, or even Emergen-C which adds 1000mg of Vitamin C.


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